Hegarty Maths

I have included the Hegarty Maths video numbers in my objective overview, on

the curriculum plans and on the diagnostics and assessments so they can be

easily referenced for homework setting or review work. Hegarty Maths is a subscription service to an online learning platform that I cannot recommend enough for your students.

Ailsa-Beth Craig

I am extremely lucky that I was able to work with Ailsa as my head of department. She created the layout for the curriculum plans with the idea to link to folders in a shared area and the original class data tracking spreadsheet template. But more importantly, we worked together as a real dream team and she helped me grow as a teacher and under her leadership she saw me flourish into the resource creating machine I am today! I now consider her a life long friend.

National Church of England Academy

Ms K Marshall and the maths team at the National Church of England Academy have done

an amazing job of completing worked solutions to the Assessments and have very kindly

scanned them and sent them on to me so that everyone can benefit from them.


Another incredible website whose mixed starters I have used for years. I have included

their starters as part of a starter strategy to accompany this scheme of work.

They are a subscription service but well worth it in my opinion!

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