The Curriculum Plan Overview

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Y7-9 Overview.PNG

Y7 - 11 Overview


This gives the big picture of what is being taught across all year groups. It lists the unit title and how many lessons are allocated to each unit.

You will notice that throughout everything I have produced I have colour coordinated by year group so that they stand out (and are nice and colourful!).

I did my timetable in the same colours too and our master timetable for the department.


I have done this based on 4 lessons a week in Years  7 to 10 and 5 lessons a week in Year 11, as this is the numbers of lessons at the school I taught in when I wrote this scheme of work.

The "number of lessons" is a guidance for staff of how many lessons they should spend on this unit, including allowing time to complete the diagnostic and assessment.

I put a column on the left so you can write in when you have progress checks, PPEs, school trips etc.

Objectives overview


On the second tab of 'The Curriculum Plan Overview' spreadsheet is a list of all 500 objectives that have been used throughout the curriculum plans.

From this you can see when each skill is assessed.

This allows you to see:

  • If the skill you are teaching (or its prerequisite skills) have been taught before and when they were last taught

  • If a particular skill is only taught once or if it is retaught again in a later year (for example, multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 is taught to extension tier students in Year 7, but not taught to them again in later years).

  • Reference the Hegarty numbers quickly and effortlessly for setting homework or review work

Objectives overview - Year 7 core unit 6

You can filter this spreadsheet to by the unit you want to view to make things easier. The final shaded column at the end of each year shows what is taught in at least one of the two/three tiers.

Up on the right is a short video of the 500 objectives and the image below shows the spreadsheet filtered on Year 7 Core Unit 6.

Starters overview


The final tab of the 'The Curriculum Plan Overview' spreadsheet shows all of the maths classes from Year 7 to Year 11 alongside the teacher they have, and the tier they will be studying.

It also shows starter activities which is in reference to the starters found on

Years 7 and 8 complete one 10 question starter per week and Years 9, 10 and 11 complete a 10 question starter in one lesson and a 20 question starter in another lesson.

We have found that this starter strategy helps to embed the essential skills that students need to recall frequently.    We deliberately give them questions that shouldn't be a challenge as they are designed to be quick recall skills for the students to practice. 

We printed off a whole term of starters as A4 booklets and gave these to students at the start of each term. They are given 10 minutes on the starter then the teacher will go through a select few and model solutions, then project all the answers on the board for students to mark their work (mathsbox have solutions to project).

Starter overview.PNG