JaggersMaths Curriculum Plans


Welcome to the my five-year curriculum plans for years 7 to 11 mathematics.

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There are links below to the pages of information I have put together together. 

The Curriculum Plan Overview

This file gives an overview of the units taught from year 7 to 11. It also lists all 500 objectives and references their Hegarty number, if they are higher tier only, and shows when they are taught (by year, tier and unit). On the final page is the starter strategy timeline.

Years 7 - 11 Curriculum Plans

These are curriculum plans split into year groups and in year 10 and 11 they are further divided into GCSE tier.

They give the objectives taught in each unit and in each tier. They also contain links to the folders containing shared resources and the assessments.

The Diagnostics and Assessments

These are the assessments that students sit in lessons.

Diagnostics are short tests sat at the start of a unit to asses whether students have the required prerequisite skills.

Assessments are sat at the end of a unit to assess students' understanding of the content taught.

Assessment Data Tracking

These are the spreadsheets used to record students results on the diagnostics and assessments.

They allow you to analyse the skills individual students struggled with as well as an overview of your class.

Cohort Progress Tracking

This is the spreadsheet that records students' assessment results throughout their time at school.

It also gives a judgement as to whether or not a students is on track to reach their target grade or not or exceeding this prediction. (My favourite!)


A long list of questions an answers about everything above!

Please check this if there is a question you have that isn't answered on the other pages.


The people I have to thank for helping me with this huge endeavour!

The Free Download

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