Frequently Asked Questions

The staff shared folders are blank - I think there is an problem with the download?

The staff shared folders are set up as a place where, well, your staff can share! They are empty at the moment but this is where teachers can put any of the resources they use when teaching that topic and tier that they found useful. It will hopefully encourage teachers to share with each other more proactively and, as these folders become full over time, it should help cut down on planning time for your teachers.

Why are there pdf and word document versions of every test?

I have included the word document versions with the download in case you want to edit any of the assessments (and having written 540 tests there are bound to be some typos!). I prefer to use the pdf versions when I project them onto the board to model solutions to the questions to the class which is why I have included these.


Why is there an Assessment and an Assessment 2?

The 'Assessment' is the one I would use first to assess my class' understanding of the unit. The assessment 2 is there for a number of possible reasons, for example:

  • A student was absent for the assessment and you want them to sit it in the next lesson they are in school.

  • Students scored poorly on questions 4 and 5. Do some review work with them and then give them these questions from Assessment 2 to re-assess their understanding.

  • You think a student has copied from another students work. You can give them Assessment 2 as a resit.


Are there any solutions or mark schemes for the tests?

K Marshall and the maths team at National Church of England Academy has very kindly supplied me with worked solutions for many of the assessments which I have now included with the download! But I have not made official mark schemes; I'm sure you can appreciate how much work has gone into making everything so far so this is way way way down on my to do list.

Do you have to follow the number of lessons stated for each unit?

I trusted teachers to use their professional judgement on this one. If they felt their class were ready for the test early, or needed a few more lessons, they could have some flexibility. As long as they stuck to teaching the assigned units within the half terms given (so that they don't plough through the years work in one term, or fall behind so units are missed off at the end of the year). Obviously that is for you to decide as a department what works best for you but I have given these as guidance.

What do you do for starters when you're not using mathsbox starters?

I use another recall starter that tests students on skills they learnt last year, last term, last unit and last lesson. To try and make these quicker to create I have created a resource called R^Infinity which you can check out here. Otherwise I do a starter related to the lesson which could be a number of different activities. I found if you use a recall starter every lesson some students can become disengaged with it so it's good to add in some variety.

Our school has a different amount of lessons each week - what shall we do?

It really depend on how much the amount of lessons you have differs. Take a look at the units first and see if you think teaching these in the time you have can be done. I tried to make sure that no unit was given so little time that it would have to be rushed through so there is some flexibility.

If you feel like this can't be done, I recommend moving whole units (for example, take one out of year 8 and move it to year 9 if you have more lessons per week there) as this will be easier to edit than moving objectives.

Moving objectives will mean you need to edit the diagnostics, assessments, objectives overview and the tracking spreadsheets too! Just changing a whole unit to another year would be much easier to do.

Why are there blank pages in some assessments and why does it say glue on the back page?

Sometimes questions run across two pages so to make sure these are on a double page I have to insert a blank page. We also printed the assessments as A5 booklets so they needed to be 4/8/12 pages long to make the booklet which is why there are sometime blank pages at the end of an assessment. The last page says glue to tell students to put glue on the back page to glue it into their book (yes, we had some students to whom this wasn't obvious!).

If you plan on printing these A4 or having students file them away you can edit the assessments.

Some of the formula in the spreadsheets are no longer working / have been deleted how do I fix this?

If you think this is a problem with the templates I have supplied please let me know and I can check if there is a problem and resolve this. Then I can re-upload the files so no-one else will have the same issues.

If this is a result of someone accidentally editing them or deleting them however I'm afraid I can't make myself available to help troubleshooting this. I would advise you lock the columns of the spreadsheet that contain formulae (which I have set up for you - all you need to do is click 'Protect Sheet' on the 'Review' tab and creating a password).