In March 2016, I attended a Maths conference on the new GCSE curriculum. Teachers shared their innotvative ideas to aid in teaching students how to tackle the new GCSE problem solving questions.

Mary Pepper shared her Going for gold lesson resources, which I have since developed and changed into examination papers.

I believe they have been very successful with my own classes and have had positive responses from my collegues too so I am sharing them with you now!

These papers test skills that appear on both foundation and higher tier papers.

Each paper has three versions to choose from: Bronze, Silver and Gold. They are the same questions, but the amount of scaffolding is adjusted in each.

There are worked solutions to accompany every paper.

The Platinum paper is an extension to further challenge your students.

Front cover exemplar

Here is an example of how questions differs across the 3 papers and how the solutions are styled.


This example show Question 4 across the first set of papers.

Bronze 1

Bronze 1

Gold 1

Silver 1

Solutions 1

As the front cover (see top of page) shows, every question 4 will be on Area.

For example, here is the Bronze paper 2 Question 4.

Bronze 2