Simple way to recap lots of basic skills with your class before

                  an assessment, PPE or exam.

  1. Complete an example at the board. Talk through how to do it and students watch and WRITE down everything you do.

  2. Students are given a similar example to complete themselves. They must REPLICATE what they have just been shown.

  3. You then REVIEW the question together. Either answer it at the board with them or project and talk through the answers to keep up the pace of the lesson.

  4. Students add to their REVISION list on the final page any topics they they feel they struggle with.

I can cover around 12 key topics in a 60 minute lesson this way but beware - it only covers the basic skills and should be supplemented with lessons on problem solving, exam technique and exam style questions.

I’ve split into the main topic headings so it is easier to find the questions you require.

Also, yellow background = foundation only, green background = crossover, blue background = higher only.
                 There is a pdf version in case you don’t have notebook and

                 for ease of printing students' booklets.