Multiple Choice Quizzes

This is a very popular activity that I have used with a great variety of my classes - multiple choice quizzes.


  • Students don't find them intimidating as they are multiple choice.

  • Don't take up a lot of lesson time.

  • They are very easy to mark if you do mark them yourself. I often get students to mark their own so they get instant feedback, then collect in their papers to look through.

Factors, Multiples, LCM and HCF.png
  • The questions are written intelligently so that the 3 incorrect answers are common misconceptions/mistakes students make. So you can deduce what students are doing to get the wrong answer.

  • Students can indicate how confident they are with their answer using the smiley faces on each question.

  • They have relevant Hegarty video clips in the corner so students can watch these videos and complete the quiz on this topic if they have struggled.

Teacher feedback, answers and hegarty bo

I get all the questions from If you haven't come across this site before I highly recommend it. They have 1000s of multiple choice questions readily available and it is completely free to use.

I hope you enjoy using this resource! If you have any suggestions for improvements please tweet them to me at @JaggersMaths or use the contact form on this site.

Happy teaching!

- Mrs Jagger