A simple but effective way of assessing whether or not your students have grasped a topic.

These can be used after teaching a few lessons on one topic area to check they have understood. I usually do it as plenary as it informs my planning for the next lesson.

Or after students have completed an assessment, if you identify an area they didn't get right I give them one of these the next lesson to reattempt the skill. This is my personal choice in using these BUT only if it was a mistake made on the assessment and not an error. Errors need some teaching first - then you can give them one of these.

I collect them in before students stick them into their books, making them very quick to mark (just make sure they write their names on them!). I mark the question and give them specific maths focused feedback. I also award stamps based on their effort (usually how much working out they showed and how clear their answer is).
Then hand them back the next lesson for students to stick into their books.

This is an ongoing bank that I am adding to as I teach different topics so I will add more as I go - but you can see they’re easy to create yourself!


  • Blank version if you want to complete the worked example at the board as the class follow along. Or if you prefer a different way of completing the question and want to write your own worked solution before photocopying.

  • Worked solutions available (to save you time doing it) and so students can see WAGOLL

  • Similar question testing the skill for the students to complete.

  • Stretch and challenge section so students can prove they can apply the skill to a more complex situation.

  • Space for teacher feedback and to give out stamps for effort.

  • Old layout shown to the right!

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