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These are short GCSE papers aimed at grades 1, 2 and 3 (Foundation), grades 4 and 5 (Crossover) and grades 7, 8 and 9 (Higher 7+).


Each paper covers 6 out of 30 preselected skills at random.

These skills have been picked to reflect the same distribution of Number, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry and Measures, Statistics and Probability as in the GCSE exams.
Across the 10 papers, each skill is tested twice.

These are ideal leading up to the exam period once students have learnt all the skills and need to recap them all in a short period of time.
The papers are designed to be short enough to be completed and marked by students within a lesson or as part of a weekly homework.
The front cover also provides space to encourage students to reflect on what they need to revise and key things they need to remember before their exams.

There are worked solutions to accompany every paper (with mark breakdown).

There is also a sheet included of which skills appear on which papers.


Here are the 30 skills I selected to be tested on each set of papers. (Click the image to view larger)

Although there are some topics that haven't been selected,  I couldn't pick more than 30 or the skills wouldn't be repeated across the 10 papers (which I felt was important).

Across the 10 papers, each skill is tested twice.




Higher 7+:

Solution front

covers give the

topic headings

for students to

fill in so they

know which

topics they

need to

work on 

Space for student's reflection:

  • Revision list - which of the topics did they find challenging

  • What I need to remember - place to note important facts, formulas or silly mistakes made

2 questions are non calculator and 4 are calculator on every paper to reflect the 1:2 split on the real GCSE exams on Crossover and Higher 7+

On Foundation the split is 4 non calculator and 2 calculator questions to reflect the skills assessed

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