Welcome to my latest resource - R^Infinity! Named by the superb @ailsacraig24 as she gave me the inspiration on this one!

So in April 2018 I shared a "Regular recall" starter template on twitter that I find very beneficial to give to my students on a regular basis. I am a huge fan of a mixed starter for which you can find huge banks of readily available for you - however I like to

personalise mine specifically

for my class.

You know better than anyone what your class do and do not know, what can be addressed through regular practice in starters, what you need to reteach, what they will need to practice as prior knowledge for an upcoming unit of work... So creating your own is really the best route to take.

However it can be time consuming and we can't then have a bank of 

them to utilise either! Hence my new resource R^Infinity. I have created a bank of starter-appropriate questions that (highly dependant on the ability of your class) are skills students should become fluent in recalling. There is a guide below on how to use the resource and it is unfortunately no where near complete yet! Writing a question on every mathematical procedural skill is very time consuming but I will upload up to date versions on a regular basis

I hope you enjoy using this resource! If you have any suggestions for improvements please tweet them to me at @miss banksmaths

Happy teaching!

- Miss Banks

Start on page 3.
Click the small icon at the bottom left of each topic to view the available questions
Now select the subtopic that you wish to assess
You should see several questions paired with their answers within this subtopic. You can scroll down the page to view more. I have tried to include one question on each skill - you could ofcourse edit the question and answer to suit your needs.
Simply select the question and answer you want to use and copy them both, then click the 'home page' link at the top of the page.
Paste the question and answer onto the homepage. Charge the 'line colour' to match when they learnt this skill. Then drag the answer into one of the boxes of the table. Then drag the answer over to page two and into the corresponding answer box.
I have included a scoring system of 1 point per question answered on what was learned last lesson, 2 points for last topic, 3 points for last term and 4 points for last year.
If you include 2 questions of each the maximum score will be 20 points.
Hopefully this encourages students to answer the questions that were taught longer ago.
Here is an example of one I have done.
They are really quick and easy to make (even if it doesn't seem it!) and are personalised to your class.
If you prefer, you can just print the first two slides, use the resource to find questions/skills you want to test and hand write them in. Then photocopy them for your class.
There is also a PDF version available for those that do not use SmartNotebook.
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