A simple but effective way of assessing whether or not your students have grasped a topic.

These can be used after teaching a few lessons on one topic area to check they have understood. I usually do it as plenary as it informs my planning for the next lesson. You can also use these after students have completed an assessment. If you identify a question they didn't get right I give them the follow up question from these the next lesson to reattempt that skill. This is my personal choice in using these BUT only if it was a mistake made on the assessment and not an error. Errors need some teaching first - then you can give them one of these.

These is the first sheet that you give to all students.

I collect them in before students stick them into their books, making them very quick to mark (just make sure they write their names on them!). I have also provided the answers.
Then hand them back the next lesson for students to stick into their books.

The relevant hegarty clip numbers are also included if you want to set personalised homework or extra work based on this.

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This sheet is for the Teacher's use when they are marking. You can use it to make notes of the common mistakes that students are making. You can tally every time a student gets that question wrong so you can see the best-worse answered questions. I use it to write down the students' names as they get questions wrong so I have a list of who needs which follow up questions the next lesson.

This is then the follow up task which I usually use in the next lesson.

I either print the sheet shown here > for every student, and tell them which questions they need to attempt (by showing my 'Teacher Marking Sheet' under the visualiser).

Or I will print a full sheet of each question and cut these up, then give them to the students who need them.

It just depends on if there was a lot of mistakes and if there was a great variety of mistakes.

Again I have provided solutions to these if you want to be able to project them onto the board quickly.

There is also a challenge question with solution that you can give to students who got full marks on the review sheet.

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