Year 7 to 11 Curriculum Plans

The tiers change names at Year 9 as this is when student started their GCSE's at the school I worked at when I made these curriculum plans.

The reason that the curriculum plans separate into Foundation and Higher at Year 10 is because the content being studied differs for Foundation and Higher tier students at the stage. For example, Year 10 Unit 5 is 'Volume and Surface area' for foundation students and 'Circle Theorems' for the higher students. Whereas in Years 7 to 9, no matter what tier they are in, the content being studied has the same unit title.

The tiers

Support         Core      Extension

Support         Core      Extension

Foundation Crossover  Higher

Foundation                  Crossover

     Higher                    Extension

Foundation                  Crossover

     Higher                    Extension

Year 9

Year 8

Year 7

Year 11 - Higher

Year 11 - Foundation

Year 10 - Foundation

Year 10 - Higher

The Overview Page

The first page on every curriculum plan is an overview of the topics taught throughout the year.

It also shows the term, half term and number of weeks in each term. There is also the number of lessons allocated to each unit (this is a guideline based on 4 lessons a week in years 7 to 10 and 5 lessons a week in year 11).

There are links to every unit page so you don't have to click through the tabs along the bottom to get to the unit you need.

To the right hand side, I also included a list of the sets in this year, which teacher they had, the tier they were studying and their starters for easy reference.

Year 9 overview page.PNG

The Unit Pages

Each unit then has its own page with the

objectives split into the different tiers that

are assessed. The Hegarty numbers are

referenced here again.


There are also 2 links to the right of each tier.


The first one will open up a 'Staff Shared Folder'.

This is an empty folder where your teachers

can put any useful resources they have that are

relevant to this topic and tier.

Hopefully this will encourage collaboration

amongst staff and sharing of resources.

I do intend to put my resources

into these folders so you have

some as a starting point (and you

get my resources all in the correct

folders ready for you!) but this will

be a slow and ongoing process

- probably over the course of a year!

The second link is to a 'DAR'

(Diagnostic > Assessment > Review)

folder where you will find the

diagnostics and assessments to be

used for this year and tier.

The 'Review' part is as above;

teachers should use this folder to

input anything they would like to

share that can be useful when

reviewing this units work.

Year 9 unit page.PNG