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Adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers

Adding and subtracting standard form

Complex surds

Converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions

Error Intervals


Expanding double brackets with surds

Fractional and negative indices

Fractions of amounts 

Highest common factor and lowest common multiple using Venn diagrams

Multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers

Multiplying and dividing standard form

Product of prime factors

Rationalising the denominator

Simplifying surds

Ratio and Proportion

Adding ratios

Calculating the percentage change

Compound interest

Direct and Inverse Proportion

Dividing into a ratio

Exchange rates

Find quantities in a ratio when given one value

Find quantities in a ratio when given the difference

Reverse percentages


Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions

Changing the subject

Completing the square

Equation of a straight line from a graph

Equation of a straight line graph from the gradient and a point

Equations of a straight line graph from two points

Equation of parallel lines

Expand and simplify single brackets

Expanding double brackets

Expanding single brackets

Factorise into single brackets

Factorising quadratics (single x squared)

Finding the nth term of a quadratic sequence

Forming and solving equations from shapes

Forming and solving equations from worded problems

Index laws


Linear nth term

Linear simultaneous equations

Plotting quadratic and reciprocal graphs

Plotting straight line graphs

Simplifying algebraic fractions

Solving equations with variables on both sides

Solving quadratics by factorising (single x squared)

The Quadratic Formula

Geometry and Measures

Angles in parallel lines

Angles in polygons

Circle theorems

Enlargement from a centre


Enlargements with a negative scale factor

Identify the transformation

Manipulating vectors


Rotating a shape around a centre



Vector proof

Volume of a prism

Statistics and Probability

Completing Venn diagrams

Drawing box plots

Drawing cumulative frequency curves

Estimating the mean from a grouped frequency table

Probability tree diagrams (without replacement)

Reading a cumulative frequency curve

Reading and comparing box plots

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